Chevrolet C6 ZR1 Corvette Centennial 2012

100 years of Chevrolet and 59 years of Corvette performance


For most of us a Chevrolet C6 ZR1 Corvette is a real dream car. The ZR1 came back after a break of more than 14 years. Like the first C4 ZR1 Corvette, this one is a top model in performance and power. The first new C6 ZR1’s were produced in the model year 2009, as a secret project by a skunk works group called project “Blue Devil”. It was directly given an okay by the heads of GM. After the Corvette was ready to introduce, they were stunned by the performance and innovation of the C6 ZR1.

With his carbon body panels, large ceramic brakes, special supercharged 6.2L LS9 638hp V8, etc. he made a different appearance beside the C6 Z06 model. The C6 ZR1 was given a go for production and Bowling Green was made ready for his new Corvette type. This ZR1 is the most powerful and also the most expensive Corvette ever built. You can write a whole book about the story of the C6 ZR1 but we’re going to keep it to this C6 ZR1 Centennial special edition.

This special edition was introduced by GM in 2011. Louis Chevrolet was 100 years old and celebrated. All the models of the 2012 production year, could be ordered with the special Centennial package.

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This special package contains Crabon Flash black paint, special 100 years Louis Chevrolet logos, alcantara steering wheel, interior panels, red brake callipers by Brembo, etc. This is not a cheap package, you’ll pay an extra 5000 Euros for this special extra. There is only one C6 ZR1 Centennial Corvette in Belgium, all we know at the moment that only 8 C6 ZR1 Euro-spec Corvette were delivered to Europe. We don’t know the exact figures yet when I’m writing this article.

If you walk round the car, you see his imposing and special character. With his Carbon Flash black paint, it’s almost dark black, but they’re metallic flakes in the paint as an extra accent. Still prominent as with every C6 ZR1 is the LS9 supercharger behind the plexiglas on the hood. Instead of blue brake callipers, this special series comes with red callipers. The special wheels come with a red line on the rim side and all semi matt black as an overall color. In the centerare the Louis Chevrolet logos. On the B-pillar you can see the prominent clear coated carbon features on the roof and on every side the special 100 years Louis Chevrolet logos. On the front and the back is a special C6 logo with 100 in it.


When we take a look at the interior, the design is like a normal C6, but comes with a special alcantara steering wheel with chrome elements and in the center the prominent logo of Louis Chevrolet. The mid arm console and stick shift are also in alcantara. The dashboard comes with special gray leather with red stitching. Model year 2012 is also the introduction year of new car seats for the C6 generation. A lot of Corvette C6 owners complained about the interior and mostly of the car seats. The side support of the older seats is not that well, the new seats give a lot more support in the side and the shoulders.


The Centennial pacakage has also these new seats, but they come with a special 100 imprinted in the headrest. The mid section of the car seats is also made with alcantara.

Driving this C6 ZR1 is like every C6 ZR1. You have a constant power at your disposal and this thanks by the hand build LS9 supercharged V8 engine. To bring all this power to the road, this ZR1 comes with launch control. still this is a super car that asks for driving experience, especially in wet weather. The ride is a bit harder that the C6 Z06, but feels firm in corners and on the freeways. on the bumpy local roads this Corvette is a bit our of his element, like every Corvette. Because of the firmer magnetic ride suspension of the ZR1 you can feel all the bumps very well. Manoeuvring at speed bumps goes a bit better, the ZR1 is a bit higher on his wheels than the normal C6, C6 Grand Sport and C6 Z06.


Personally this is a very collectable Corvette in the future and even now. The collection value is higher due to a limited production run and his high price. This series has a successor, namely the 60th anniversary Corvette edition.

Chevrolet C6 ZR1 Corvette Centennial

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